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Linker Script : Nios II + DDR3 and On-Chip RAM

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I want to read/write DDR3 using Nios II. In my Qsys system, I have included Nios II, JTAG UART, On-Chip RAM and DDR3 Controller. I am using On-Chip RAM as my program RAM (connected to Instruction Master and Data Master) and DDR3 RAM as Data RAM(connected to Data Master only). I tried to run simple "Hello World" program using Nios. It runs properly when I set 'On-Chip RAM' in linker script (in all the places : .bss, .heap, .stack, .rodata, .rwdata, .text) tab of bsp editor.  


Now I want to write into (and read from) my Data RAM (DDR3). What changes do I have to make in linker script for that? 


i am using cyclone v gx development board.
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