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MTD issue on the DE2-115

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Hi Everyone, 


Did anyone successfully running the uClinux and mount the mtd0 (8MB Flash memory) on the DE2-115? I tried to do the "flash_erase /dev/mtd0 0 3" and got error return message "No such device", then I realize it was never recognized from the bootup. I am sure I got my HDL wire correct and set it as a CFI flash component. 


output wire [22:0] fl_address_out,  

output wire [0:0] fl_read_n_out,  

output wire [0:0] fl_write_n_out,  

inout wire [7:0] fl_data_out,  

output wire [0:0] fl_chipselect_n_out,  

input wire fl_ready_busy_out,  

output wire fl_RST_N_out,  

output wire fl_writeprotect_n_out 


As for the kernel setting, I followed the same configuration from 

The devicetree: 

ext_flash: flash@0x10000000 { 

compatible = "ALTR,cfi_flash-altera_generic_tristate_controller", "cfi-flash"; 

reg = < 0x10000000 0x00800000 >; 

bank-width = < 1 >; 

device-width = < 1 >; 

# address-cells = < 1 >; 

# size-cells = < 1 >; 


ext_flash@10000000 { 

reg = < 0x10000000 0x00000000 >; 

}; //end ext_flash@10000000 

}; //end flash@0x10000000 (ext_flash) 


The system had been boot up from the jtag and test out the flash read/write capability until recently I wanted to use it as a storage device. :confused: I am suspecting it has to do with the device tree and it's driver since I had a simpler issue with the SPI for the SD Card before. I greatly appreciated if anyone can point me in to the right direction on this.  


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