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NIOS II EPCS Booting and export of pins

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Good morning folks, 


I am attempting my first NIOS boot from EPCS device for cyclone II and have hit upon a problem. I connect the EPCS controller (from the moemory interfaces -> flash) section), connect relevant pins to the CPU etc and export the EPCS pins as the settings page for the EPCS controller states that the dedicated AS interface is not supported. 


However when I generate this file and then update my schematic symbol for the CPU and try to connect the pins to the relevant EPCS pins the compiler fails and tells me those pins are already in use? 


What have I done or not done correctly? 


Many thanks 


BTW Am i correct in thinking that I also need to define something in my C code in the NIOS EDS such that I can still use the reduced driver and boot from EPCS? I briefly read something about this yesterday but cant for the life of me find it again???
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In Cyclone 2 you don't have to assign epcs pins in the pin planner. It seems that Quartus automatically routes this pins to the epcs controller. Only in Cyclone 3 and 4 subfamilies you have to make pin assigments of the epcs chip.

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