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''Path to .sopcinfo file must not contain spaces'' when filling directory for niosii

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Under Nios ii Eclipse, when I try to create new "Nios ii application and BSP template", go to ask me to select the folder to specify .sopcinfo file, after that it give me an error says 


"Path to .sopcinfo file must not contain spaces" 


thats interesting, cause what I did only is select the directory, there's no spaces in between. 

anyone tell me how to solve this?  

Many thanks
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I Arrive probably a bit late, but I got that error because I had a "." in my path : "/home/somebody/Prog/SomeProject/uart_nios_v1.2/software/test_interrupt_bsp", I solved the problem by renaming "uart_nios_v1.2" to "uart_nios_v1_2".

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