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help:bsp generate error when copy from one another pc

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I copied a bsp and application project from one another pc, and successfuly "import an existing project" to the Eclipse workspace. When I build the bsp project, Eclipse poped an error message: 

Makefile not up to date. 

../../nios_28h_spi.sopcinfo has been modified since the BSP was generated. 


Generate the BSP to update the Makefile,and then build again. 


To generate from Eclipse: 


1. Right-click the BSP project. 

2. In the Nios II Menu, click Generate BSP. 


After I right-click the BSP project and in the Nios II menu,click Generate BSP, and Error message poped: 


SEVERE:file not found:..\..\nios_28h_spi.sopcinfo 

SEVERE:file not found:..\..\nios_28h_spi.sopcinfo 

SEVERE:nios2-bsp-generate-files failed 


But really the .sopcinfo file exist in the right folder. The bsp and application project had been successfully build in the PC which I want to copy from. 


What happened? And how to resolve this problem? How to copy an existing bsp project from a different PC?  


Thank you for the help.
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Please try to use nios ii software build tools project -> import nios ii software build tools project instead of general -> existing projects into workspace



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