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.sopcinfo does not contain any CPU for Intel FPGA University Program Computer_Systems with Nios II Embedded Design Suite


I have a freshly installed version 18.1 of Quartus Prime Lite, as well as version 18.1 of the Intel University Program. When trying to create a project (New NIOS II Application and BSP from Template) and using any of the .sopcinfo files from any of the installed packages (DE10-Lite, etc..), I get the message ".sopcinfo does not contain any CPU" and no CPUs are selectable from the CPU name dropdown. There are no spaces in the path to my workspace or in my Quartus installation path. I have checked each of the .sopcinfo files and they appear to have fully specified CPUs inside of them. I don't understand what could possibly be wrong, as all versions appear to match up and I am only using pre-built templates. Any help would be appreciated.

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Can you elaborate more about the installed packages? Do you mean that you didn't create the sopicinfo yourself?

Are you sure the selected sopicinfo file contains a NIOS II IP?


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