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HELP! i7 2670QM is blocking randomly

Hello. I bought an i7 2670QM processor second hand for my laptop, I mounted it, everything went perfectly, but this is where the problems started. The laptop started to jam randomly. The laptop is an Asus K93SV and in the list of compatible processors was not given this i7 2670 but i7 2630 but I saw that they are not too different and I said to try. I have monitored the temperature and does not exceed 80 degrees Celsius, the laptop runs perfectly up to that moment, the processor model appears in the bios ... all seem ok except that it is completely blocked.

My questions are: Can I see what blocks the processor? Is it just a laptop / processor incompatibility or does this processor have a problem?

I mention that with the previous processor it works perfectly (i5 2410M)

Thanks for helping!

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Either the asus bios supports the processor, or it does not. It is that simple.

So, the processor MUST be BIOS, socket, and chipset compatible.

Second, you are using a USED processor. You have no idea of the condition of the processor.

I would stop now, or you could risk damaging the laptop.

Additionally, for a processor and laptop this old, you should spend your time and money on more productive adventures.