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MEN F210, Cyclone II and Linux

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Hello everybody, 

I'm trying to get data from the GPS of a board, a MEN F210 [1]. The board is installed in an industrial case and I have Debian 9 installed with kernel 4.15. Altera modules of vanilla kernel are compiled and I can see the FPGA being recognized at startup but I can't see the UART device. The FPGA seems in state unknow. 


How do I start the FPGA? I don't have a firmware or anything. I have the MEN tools that should allow me to build the drivers [2] but the software is old and can't make it work (have an Ubuntu 15.04 for that which seems the latest officially supported byt the toolkit). 


Can anyone give me a hint? I'm surely missing something. 





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If anyone interested. 


Using kernel 4.16 and some patches that will enter kernel 4.17 I was able to see the UARTs of the board.