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Build issues with V3759

Having major issues with V3759.

Applications that previously compiled OK are completely screwed after compiling in the new version. The screen layout is broken.

I have had to recompile an app that was created in the previous edition of XDK. The layout is good in designer and is the same as it has always been. However once compiled the splash screen appears but the screen footer menu is now at the top and the rest of the screen layout is not visible. Pressing what buttons I can see results in a white screen.

I have tested on Android 4.4, 5.1 and 6 and the results are the same, an useable interface.

iOS Devices compile OK.

The attached screenshot image shows the layout as it appears on Android. This images was captured from a Sony XPERIA running Android 4.4.4

The menu should be on the bottom with other buttons centre screen.

The IMG_ image shows how the screen layout should be and is taken from an iPhone 6s.

Both attached images are screenshots from their respective devices.

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New Contributor III

Because of ongoing issues with the Simulate tab not working on my version of V3759, I have downgraded to V3400

I am getting the same format issues after compiling as per the attached images in the OP.

For the record:-

Emulate Layout good

Design Layout good

App Preview Layout good

Compiled app Layout broken in Android good on iOS.

The app uses App Framework 3


Nick -- my suspicion is App Framework 3 and/or the version of jQuery that is part of your app is the source of the issue. You mention that the "design layout" is good, which implies you are using App Designer, is that correct?

What version of the jQuery library is being included in your index.html file? I recommend you try the last 1.x version as well as the latest 2.x version. Do not use jQuery 3.x, it does not work in some webviews. You can safely replace/update the copy of jQuery that is in your app, App Designer will not attempt to undo your updates to that library. For easier debugging, you can install the full source copy of the jQuery library, it will not slow down your app, just a slight increase in size (in fact, there's not much value to using the minimized versions of most JS libs in a Cordova environment, other than a small savings in space).

Note that in some of the App Preview projects there were two copies of the jQuery library, I think one of them is ignored. My recollection is this was due to some issues with upgrades to the projects. If you see that one of them is not being used, you can delete it. If you want to be safe, just update both copies to the same version.

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Jquery has been replaced by the App Selector AppFramework.js file version 2.1.

I haven't changed anything other than reload the App and taken the defaults as defined.

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I have changed the CLI to 5.4.1 and the Target API to 21 but the problem still persists.

The Android version listed above all show the same problem.

New Contributor III

OK it appears that the version of Crosswalk I had chosen was the problem.

I had chosen 19 which I assumed would work with Android 6. I changed this back to Crosswalk V15 and the app now appears to work OK.