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Problems with my Intel i5 7600k processor

Intel i5 7600k
16 gb of corsair ram.

I cant play the games at the same fps that i used to with my fx-9370.
For example overwatch i used to run at over 250+ fps now it barerly manages 140 and it maxes the **** out off my cpu when i check on activity manager. It takes up like 85-90% when it used to take up like 15-20 on my old cpu.

I upgraded to this cpu so i could play my hd explainer videos and some more advanced games but now it just seems like i bought a downgrade. Wehn i checked on Intel extreme tuning utility tool everything was most settings were already maxed out on the cpu so i just left it be. Anyone here on this forum that can help me cause im starting to get real tired of this and soon just thinking about returning it for a I7 6700k. And yes it must be the cpu that is the problem cause i have the same system as i had otherwise.

Just switched out the ram and the cpu and the motherboard. I know this cpu isnt supposed to fit in this motherboard but the guys at my local tech shop fixed something in bios so that it is now compatible.
Ive called them multiple times but they give me really need tips that hasnt changed anything yet so im reaching out to this forum instead.

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Explain your problem on this link
(with your motherboard and your memory reference is wrote include)