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SoC (N3060 and E8000) serial ports / uart / drivers




I'm working with two (2) custom motherboards including a N3060 and E8000 SoC respectively.


The N3060 and E8000 are two SoC that "implements two instances of high speed UART controller that support baud rates between 300 and 3686400 (hardware flow control is also supported)" [1].


According with Microsoft, "All versions of Windows provide driver support for serial controller devices. The term serial controller refers to a 16550 universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) or compatible device. A serial controller has a serial port through which it communicates with a serially connected peripheral device. To support serial communication, Windows includes the Serial.sys and Serenum.sys drivers, and versions 1 and 2 of the serial framework extension (SerCx and SerCx2)" [2].


In the Download Center of Intel [3], the keywords: 16650, uart, serial port, don't give any result.


In other hand, our motherboard provider said that Intel doesn't support the internal UART and we must use the external Super I/O (NCT6102).


I'm looking for understand how to use those UARTs. For example, if a driver need to be develop, what resource should I have to check What is my example missing?


The initial use case will be with Windows, but in the future a Linux Kernel will lbe needed as well. Any pointer in this direction will be appreciated.


Thanks for your feedback,



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