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Bottom-up pane --- hangs when filtering by module


1.  After collecting a new general exploration result, go to the bottom-up tab.

2.  Note the bottom filter is pre-configured to display results for all modules.

3.  Choose a specific module.

4.  The filter pane shows a "loading" progress spinner for a bit, then stops.  However, the function pane shows a "loading" spinner which does not stop.

5.  The function pane of the bottom-up tab is now unresponsive.  Have to kill vtune and restart it.

If it helps, the results has data for a dynamically generated code pseudo-module.

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Hi Andres, can you please provide more information about your VTune version, OS, or VS version (if on Windows*)? Does the result can be finalized correctly, and the hang-up occurs only when filtering the module? Thanks.


VTune version is VTune 2017 Update 4, the OS is Windows Server 2012 R2 64 bits, the profiled target is IA-32, and VS version is Visual C 6 from 1998 (not for much longer).  The result finalizes correctly.  The experience I have is that when the bottom-up pane comes up, it displays all functions in a few seconds.  Filtering on the bottom by module results in a hang.

Now, as an experiment, I let the "hang" continue unchecked while I did other things.  Eventually, after a while, it finished "loading".  However, this required several CPU minutes.  I'd like it to be me who's doing something wrong so I can fix it, I just don't see what I could be doing that would justifiably turn "seconds" into "minutes" when the results displayed are smaller.

By the way, I did open a ticket on this and so far the responses have been nice and timely.