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Call Graph attach to running process

I am trying to run a Call Graph via the RDC (vtserver)on a Linux system from VTune 7.2 on Windows. Can you attach to a running process using Call Graph?
The documentation says "Check No Application to Launch if the application is already running or when you use a batch file." When I do this I eventually get the error "No application to launch".
Thanks in advance.
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You still must specify the application as a "Module of Interest" and you still must create the activity prior to launching the application. This is because the analyzer must instrument (i.e., insert calls to its data collection code) the binary, prior to it being loaded. So, after creating the activity with no app to launch and the app as the module of interest, it should prompt you to start the app. You then start the app on the Linux system. Once the app completes, the data collector should send the data back to the host and you can view the graph.
That's the way I think it should work! :smileyhappy: I haven't explicitly tried this very thing that you are trying. Please let us know if it works?!
DaveA You are exactly correct. That is the way it works when CG is configured and performed on a Windows system.
But when you configure the activity to use the RDC (Remote Data Collector) and choose "No Application to Launch" with a module of interest, it gives an error saying there must be an App to start.
IMO, running theRDC on Linux and analyzer on Windows works very good -- with the exception of this "got ya". (Linux avoids the.dll hell of windows). Again, IMHO. Thanks