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Can APS be configured to delay data collection?

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I like the APS approach, but I have a number of jobs that have large IO times up front that I would like to ignore.

VTune/Amplifier XE has the ability to delay data collection -- from the command line I can include "-start-paused -resume-after 200" to automatically start data collection after 200 seconds.

It looks like it should be possible to hack the "" script to include these options, but I don't know much about python.   Is there an easier/better way to do this?  

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Hello John,

Currently the abilities of APS on pause/resume are very limited. Start-Paused mode is not supported even if the script is "hacker" - you will see that perf per-process collection that APS is based on will complain that paused mode is not available. (BTW - starting from 2018 BU1 build we moved from "" launcher script to "aps" binary to reduce APS startup overhead).

The only thing that is available now is mpi_pcontrol support for traced based MPI and OpenMP metrics that is described here: but this will not work for HW-event based collection part.

We have plans to enable mpi_pcontrol and itt_notify for APS all type of collection, will be sure that start-passed case is covered as well.

Thanks & Regards, Dmitry


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