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Correct Compiler Options?


Dear all

Following the tutorial "Getting Started", I tried to reproduce the results of the "First Use Wizard" for the example "gsexample". However, using icc 10.1.015 and VTune 9.0 (Buil:1448) for Linux with the compiler options -g -O2, I'm not able to see the "Most active functions In Your Application" (Sampling Hotspot Summary) as outlined in the tutorial:

Instead of (e.g.) the function names "ProcessBuffer", "Store2Load" etc.for the module gsexample2a, I only see for the module gsexample2a.

However, when omiting the compiler option-O2 when building gsexample2a, I see more or less the same functions in the Sampling Hotspot Summary.

Is it an effect of the optimization that in the first case (with -O2), the "Most active functions In Your Application" of the not-optimized program disapear?

Thanks and best regards,


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