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Excluding modules from instrumentation

I need to be able to exclude certain modules from instrumentation because the modules must be loaded at a certain address and must not be modified in any way. I cannot find a way to exclude a DLL from the instrumentation process. I do not have access to these DLLs for recompilation purposes. We have used Quantify, DevPartners, and AQTime for performance analysis and all three packages allow us to exclude modules from the instrumentation and analysis.
Is there a way to do this with VTune?
-- Tim
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Vtune itself doesn't instrument modules for performance analysis, only for call graph. For performance analysis, compiler options are used to include debug symbols in those modules where you want them. Maybe I don't understand your question.
Hi Timothy:
If you are running on Microsoft* Windows* XP*, setting the instrumentation level will keep the analyzer from instrumenting the DLL. I just tried this on one of my systems and the DLL does not even show up in the call graph results!
Basically, after creating the activity, but before running it, modify the activity and configure the call graph collector. In the call graph configuration dialog, locate the DLL(s) and ensure that the Instrumentation Level is Minimal. If not, click on the cell, a drop down list will appear, and select Minimal.
Alternately, you can configure the default instrumentation level of User DLLs to be Minimal. Open the Options dialog (see Configure... menu) and locate and select the Call Graph Collector in the tree on the left. Then, select Minimal for User DLLs.