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Help:Intel Vtune analyser problem

Dear List ,

We have Intel vtune analyser installed in our cluster.But the problem is after we start the ./vtlec and submit a sample application in the "First Use Wizard" we get a JVM error as:

JVM terminated.Exit code=1
( wuth a lot of statements below it)

I ran the following command as well to know the compatibility:


Copyright (C) 2007-2009 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
Intel VTune Performance Analyzer Quality Feedback Agent
Version: 1.0.29 from Intel VTune Performance Analyzer 9.1 Update 2 for Linux*
Time: Tue Nov 10 05:07:04 2009

This diagnostic script generates detailed system information about your server.
When you forward the output of this command to Intel Support, the enclosed
server data will be used solely for the purposes of troubleshooting the problem
you have reported to Intel Support. This information will not be shared with
any other companies or users, nor will it be used for any other purpose.

The script is collecting info. Please wait ...
Getting Hardware Information ...
* Detecting architecture type
* CPU info
* CPU affinity
* Amount of memory
* PCI/AGP cards installed
Getting Software Information ...
* Kernel version and type (UP/SMP)
* glibc version
* gcc version
* icc version
* NPTL version
* Detecting Linux* distribution
Warning: The product has not been validated with this platform
It may work, but it is not supported

* Checking IA32 emulation packages
* File system disk space usage
* Intel Software Products installed
* List loaded kernel modules
* Check Linux* kernel sources availability
* Check if sampling driver can be compiled
* Environment variables
* System configuration variables
* System limits and kernel parameters
* Permissions to directories important to VTune Performance Analyzer
* Detecting Java* version
* Detecting GTK* and Motif* versions
* Current locale
* SELinux configuration
* The list of running VTune Analyzer processes
* Query runlevel information for system services
* Eclipse* plugins installed
* Information on IPC facilities
* Current user credentials
VTune Performance Analyzer files ...
* VTune Performance Analyzer install dir
* VTune Analyzer Remote Agent install dir
* Debug logs
* VTune Analyzer version
* VTune Analyzer Remote Agent version
* VTune Analyzer Driver Kit version
* VTune Analyzer licenses
* Printing bootup messages by dmesg
* Printing messages from file /var/log/messages
* Install log
* Uninstall log
* Driver compilation log
* Searching .vtunedb files
* EntireX DCOM log
* EntireX DCOM configuration
* EclipseTags.cfg
* vtl script
* vtlec script
* vtserver script
* Searching VTune Analyzer core files ...

For detailed information please refer to ** /root/vtqfagent_Ozur.log **

Its not showing me any error but just a warning which is highlighted above.I am not able to understand the problem can somebody please help me with this..

With Regards,
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Hi Anish,

If you attach thevtqfagent_Ozur.log file to the thread, it might help to better understand the problem.
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Hi Anish,

If you attach the vtqfagent_Ozur.log file to the thread, it might help to better understand the problem.

Hi Vladimir,

Sure.please find the attachment.vtqfagent_Ozur.log.
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Quoting - panish

Hi Vladimir,

Sure.please find the attachment.vtqfagent_Ozur.log.

Hi Anish,

For the JVM error you might find useful the following topic:

What regards to the platform compatibility, you are using non-Intel processor based machine and thus VTune Sampling will not work in this case. VTune Call Graph may work, but please be aware that it's not tested on such platforms and is not supported as well.
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