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Help On Vtune Analyser

This is a query of my ISV Vmukti

I have used VTune Analyser but some queries are there....So please help me to understand the functions of VTune.
1)VTune always give analysis of Executables(.exe) files in our application so I want to know that whether I can use it for .dll files

2) I have made 1 application named Test and get Test.exe and then sampled it.It is displaying all the processes related to Test.exe...but when i try to get modules related to Test.exe process i got each and every modules from the system except Test.exe module
-> I have seen videos which you have send.In that video (application.exe) is displayed in modules list and when u double click on that module,It is giving the functions list to us and then we find the CPU usage from our code.
But here I am not getting Test.exe in modules list so It is not listing out functions from Test.exe and I am not able to analyze which line of function take more CPU usage so I am not able to use VTune for analyze my code......So I want to know is there any settings I have to made to work with the VTune Analyzer and analyze the code??

Requesting an early response...
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.So please help me to understand the functions of VTune.

Requesting an early response...
Early response is more likely if you post on VTune forum.
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