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I use solaris -- any way to use VTune ?


As VTune isn't ported to solaris, i'd like to know if there is any way to trick the software to identify hot spots, or for that matter, provide any information about problems I need to address.   Certainly I can cherry pick some source code and get it to compile and even run under LINUX, but that is going to be a manual process, and I'd really like to get as much code analyzed as possible, including (open)solaris kernel and driver code.

Any suggestions? 

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Solaris is not supported operation system, it means that the tool has been tested on this OS. Here are my comments:

1. You may install the tool on Linux then copy whole product directory on to Solaris, verify if : "vtune/bin64/amplxe-cl -c hotspots -- application", I guess event based sampling depends on operation system, so I asked you to try user mode sampling. Note that I never said it will be supported, just have a try.

2. You can reference about using JIT profiling API - that is, provides functionality to report trace file and it can analyzed by VTune Amplifier (you can do it on Linux). There is an example within VTune Amplifier product for your reference. 

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oprofile is an open source tool with many features similar to VTune which you ought to be able to build for Solaris, if it isn't already provided.  OS kernel and driver code seem unlikely to be amenable to analysis by tools of a different OS.  Other tools which you might consider, besides those specific to Solaris, might be papi and TAU.

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