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Install the Linux remote agent (vtserver) on Ubuntu


I am interested in trying out the Intel Thread Checker. I work on an Ubuntu system and have all my development programs setup there. Unfortunately, VTune is not supported on any kind of Debian-based system (I will throw Ubuntu into that box). I have seen the advice to just use the Linux remote agent (vtserver) in another thread in this forum.

Therefore I have dusted off my Windows XP-installation and installed all the Windows versions of VTune, Thread Profiler and Thread Checker on there. Ok, that works (of course nothing else works on there, not even the Intel Compiler because I do not have a version of Visual Studio - but thats a whole different story).

Now I try to install the Linux remote agents on my Ubuntu box, but they are RPM-based and this wont fly on my box (I am getting an error about "Cannot get shared lock on RPM Database.", which is not surprising, since my RPM-Database probably is not even configured right, as Ubuntu uses deb's). I could try to convert all the rpm's with alien, but there is this install-script, which would have to be adapted as well I suppose.

Oh well, I guess my problem is clear by now, and the question is: Is there any way to get the remote agents configured on Ubuntu? And if yes, how?

Thanks for your help!
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Hello Michaelsuess,
Ideally you'd use a supported OS installation as listed in the analyzer release notes, SuSE or Red Hat. (I heard you: you want Ubuntu... just thought I'd give you the easiest way to go forward from here first.)
If the Ubuntu installation is using a supported kernel version and other important library versions (such as glibc), then there's a chance you could get things going, but, without any sort of guarantees or support.
I've never heard of anybody doing this with Ubuntu, but, on other unsupported OS versions, folks have installed vtserver by:
1) installing vtserver on a supported Red Hat or SuSE OS
2) tarring up the /opt./intel/vtune directory
3) untar the archive on the target system
4) run the build scripts in the right order (fairly obvious)that are located in the /opt/intel/vtune/vdk/src directory
Even if you do this, there's no guarantee it will work. Even if it seems to install, you may or may not get accurate data. The answer to your quesion is: you must install on a supported OS.
Just wanted you to see the scope of the project if you are headfast with regard to your Ubuntu server.

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I just managed to install it under Ubuntu Edgy.

In short:

tar xzvf tcheck3.0_007cli_lin.tar.gz
cd itt_tc_cl/data/
:s/rpm -q/dpkg -s/
sudo apt-get install rpm
sudo touch /etc/SuSE-release
sudo ./ --nonrpm

Accept all defaults and copy the license file to /opt/intel/licenses

sudo rm /etc/SuSE-release

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