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Integrating Vtune with OpenSSL??


HI ,

I am new to Vtune Performance Analyzer 9.0 for Linux. Do you know how can I use Vtune with OpenSSL? For instance, i run the

application /usr/local/ssl/bin/openssl

argument md5 test1 test2

working directory /usr/local/ssl/bin

How can i find thebottleneck of the code? Test1 and Test2 are just test file with a simple for loop inside.I am just learning how to useVtune.

Another question, since Vtune isusing lcc compiler. Howdo wechange everything so that we can use Intel C++ Compiler gcc??

Need your advice very much. thanks.

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VTune Analyzer using event sampling will collect statistics on anything that happens to be running at the time. One method you could use is to start up VTune analyzer and prepare your application in a separate window. Then start sampling, start your app, and stop sampling when your app finishes. That should give you enough data to determine the hot spots in your code

Regarding questions of VTune analyzer and the Intel compiler, it shouldn't matter how VTune analyzer is built. Whether assembly code, or Fortran or whatever, code execution is the same and so are the events. It shouldn't matter for your purposes.

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As Robert indicates, it doesn't matter which compiler VTune was built by. What matters, when you want to view source, is the symbol format. The debug symbols produced by -g are compatible between Intel and gnu compilers. If you build the modules where you want source visibility with -g, with any compiler which is compatible with linux debuggers, it should work.
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