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Intel(R) Parallel Studio beta begins!

Parallelism Breakthrough

Beta versions of Intel Parallel Inspector and Intel Parallel Amplifier now join Intel Parallel Composer. Download these exciting new tools and get instant access to:

Parallel Inspector: Ensure application reliability with proactive parallel memory and threading error checking

Parallel Amplifier: Quickly find bottlenecks and tune parallel applications for scalable multicore performance

Parallel Composer: Develop effective applications with a C/C++ compiler and advanced threaded libraries

Parallel Studio: Get all of the above in one convenient download

Whats Ahead

Participate in user forums to share your feedback on the Beta products.

Pre-order Parallel Studio products, beginning in March.

Look for an e-mail when Parallel Advisor becomes available.

Tips & Known Issues

After installing, launch Microsoft Visual Studio*.
Parallel Composer is located in the Project menu.
Parallel Amplifier and Inspector are in the Tools menu.
You can get to the Getting Started Guides by going to the Windows Start menu. E.g.:
Start -> All Programs -> Intel Parallel Studio -> Parallel Amplifier -> Getting Started
There is a long delay the first time you open help after installing Parallel Studio while the help is being compiled. It is faster subsequent times. Weve seen about a 7 min. delay the first time. Plan on a cup of coffee or lunch.
For more details, please visit the knowledge database.

Parallel Studio is for C/C++ developers and architects using:

Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005 or 2008 (excluding Express)

Microsoft Windows XP*, Vista*, or Windows Server* 2003 or 2008.

Intel Parallel Amplifier

Of course, what I wanted to highlight in this forum is the Intel Parallel Amplifier! Check out this new profiler for Visual Studio C/C++ developers and let us know what you think in the Parallel Studio forum. To register for the beta and get access to all the Studio beta software, go to today!

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