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Ramp-up on Multi-Core in Two Days


Multi-Core is a Complex Terrain .... and we'd like to give you our map.

Give us two days November 14tth & 15th in Santa Clara, CA. , and we'll take you from an initial overview of multi-core to a working experience of parallelized software development, including the intricacies of multithreaded programming and platform optimization.

With our hands-on lab exercises, we'll simplify multi-core for you.

What You'll Learn...

  • Overview and introduction to threading concepts, models, and techniques

  • Introduction to using the newest Intel Compilers

  • Multithreaded programming concepts and techniques with OpenMP* and Windows* Threads

  • How to analyze performance of threaded applications using the Intel VTune Performance Analyzer

  • How to debug threaded applications on multi-core platforms using the Intel Threading Tools

Register today.

Looking for

More Ways
to Learn Multi-Core Programming?

Intel Software College has a complete program-from basic to advanced, offered both online and in the classroom-to further your skills with multi-core architecture.

View the comprehensive list of multi-core training.

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