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Using VTune in Release Mode for Hotspot analysis

Dear all,

I am new to VTune, so this may be a trivial question, but I have not been able to find anything in thedocumentationto help me solving me this problem.
When I try to do an hotspot analysis for the software I am developing in Release mode on an Intel 64 bit platform (OS is Windows 7), the symbols of the program are totally mangledand non correct and it is not possible to identify exactly what is the function/portion of the code associated to the hotspot. Here is the response file that collects the compiler options that I use in release mode for the hotspot analysis:
On the other hand, when the same code is compiled in debug mode, the symbols and the source code isaccurateand easily accessible.
Clearly it would beuselessif there was no way to perform a hotspot analysis in release mode, so I think that I am missing something. So here is my question:
Can somebody explain me (or point me to the right documentation which explains) how to perform an hotspot analysis of the optimized version of the code in release mode while preserving the access to the symbols and being able to link the hotspots to the source code?
Thanks inadvancefor any suggestion,
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Compiler and Linker options are OK for using the tool.

This is a known issue, that userhas problem todrill down to hotspots report (only addresses displayed) because of mangled function used.

Can this issue be reproduced in VTune Amplifier XE 2011? If have, the problem should be fixed.

However for VTune Analyzer will not have a fix for this. The temp workaround is -

// Disable mangling name forsome functions. For example -
extern "C"
void Function1();
void Function2();

Regards, Peter
Thanks for the answer Peter.
Unfortunately in my case the function names are displayed but they are the wrong ones.

So, if I understand correctly,VTune Amplifier XE 2011is not able to perform correctly hotspot analysis in Release mode for C++ code.
This seems very extreme: essentially it precludes the usage of VTune for C++ code in all real life scenarios of practical interest since the workaround is not applicable in any serious project withoutgreatlydisrupting the development process. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Kind regards,

Now I tried to call two same functions name with different argument in example code, yes...function name was overrided...usually compiler willgenerate mangled function name to decorate them.

However the problem has gone, when I worked on Visual Studio* 2010.

Both latest VTune Analyzer and VTune Amplifier XE 2011 works well for above example code. Sorry that I don't know if the problem still persists on for other environments,such as Visual Studio* 2005.

Here are results. Note that VTune Amplifier XE 2010 can display Full Function Name (with argument info)

Dear Peter,
unfortunately I do not have access to VS 2010. The problem with VS 2008 seem to persist.
Thanks for your help,