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VTune 3.0 linux problems

VTune 3.0 on linux is only partially working. Can anyone help me with these problems:

1. No symbols are found in the executable. I compiled my test program thus:

icpc -g -o timeloop

and sampled it thus:

vtl activity -c sampling -moi timeloop -app ./timeloop run

However, this:

vtl view -hf -mn timeloop

gave this:

VTune Performance Analyzer 3.0 for Linux*. FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY
Copyright (C) 2000-2004 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Event Summary
Instructions Retired
8758 = Samples collected due to this event
1600000 = Sample after value used during collection
14012800000 = Total events (samples*SAV)
18873 = Samples collected due to this event
1600000 = Sample after value used during collection
30196800000 = Total events (samples*SAV)

Symbol file /wrf/c/t/vtune/timeloop being used...

HotSpot View grouped by function (all values in decimal except where indicated)

No symbols were found


Why are there no symbols? Note that it is reading the executable as a symbol file.


2. Callgraph problems:


vtl activity -c callgraph -moi timeloop -app ./timeloop run

gives this:

Tue Jan 11 19:21:14 2005 Writing property files failed.
The Activity is running.
Tue Jan 11 19:21:15 2005 Reading property files started...

Tue Jan 11 19:21:16 2005 error: the property 'buffer size' was not set in the property file.

Tue Jan 11 19:21:16 2005 Reading property files failed.

Tue Jan 11 19:21:16 2005 Static instrumentation started

and then it appears to work fine. However, where is it trying and failing to write the property file?


3. When I try to run vtlec, the popup window has no labels. Apparently an X resource file is missing. Help?

Thanks for any assistance.
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1. Your compile command looks correct. In Linux, the symbols are written into the executable file, that is why the VTune analyzer is loading the executable file for the symbols. What version of the compiler are you using?
2. The property files are something that the call graph uses to control data collection. It may be that you do not have write permissions to a directory call graph is attempting to use. Are you root or another user when you execute this command? Does this user have access to the global data directory? (Default location is /opt/intel/vtune/global_data). Also, a cache directory is used and must be accessible by the current user (see /tmp/vtune_/Cache).
3.I don't have any ideas. On what OS are you running the analyzer (distro, release, and kernel number)?
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If memory serves, to get symbols on apps on one or two of my lab systems, I have to use the -gdwarf-2 option on the compile.
Any chance that could make a difference here? Or should I just shutup and have some more coffee?
Regardless, there's a very interesting section on how to compile in the User'sGuide, default location at:
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