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VTune sampling mode with a large .NET application with few hundered dll's.

I am using VTune Performance Analyzer V9.0.
Our application is primarily .NET but some part of the code is unmanaged. It takes about 5-7 mins to startup and ithas to load few hundered dll's to run properly. I like toanalyze performance in someof these dll's(about 50 of them).
i) I tried CallGraph approach by configuring an application to start from VTune with an activity duration of 30 mins. VTune fails to start the application within 30 mins and no useful information is collected. In CallGraph mode if I have to collect the performance data only for the 50 dll's that I need how do I configure it? In the advanced activity configuration section of CallGraph, do I configure the modules in the data collectors or configure these modules as part of application/module profile? I tried it by configuring in the application/module profiles but it didn't help.
ii) In the sampling wizard I can generate sampling info by profiling as windows application but unfortunately it gives all .net modules profiling information as one standard .net dll(I think it is mscworks.dll)
iii) Sampling wizard doesn't allow me to select .net application to profile and generate sampling for all processes. This appears to be possible for windows applications only. Is there anyway to generate sampling for an .net application that isalready running?
iv) I was able to generate sample by selecting Advanced Activity Configuration and configure a data collector for sampling and select application/module profile with all .NET assemblies I am intersted in profiling. This generates sampling info but only for unmanaged code.
Is there any help here? Has anyone tried using Sampling mode with a mixed applications for a running process?
So far I am disappointed with VTune.We have better luck with other inexpensive and easy to use memory profilers such as ANTS but have already invested big amount of money in VTune.
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