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VTune symbols issue


Wonder if anyone can help me with a windows symbols issue with Vtune….

I have a standalone exe (calling on one dll) that works fine in the VS debugger. Under debug, /Zi is set, and I see the pdb created and loaded ok. The pdb is created in the same directory as the .exe, and both share the same timestamp. No surprises there.

But when I try a vtune basic hotspots analysis on the exe, it works, but behaves like it can’t see the symbol file: I get loads of “func@0x36363633” and the like. I’ve left “additional binary and symbol file locations” blank inside vtune, since the pdb is in the same directory as the exe. Application directory is set to be same as working directory. If I take away the pdb, Vtune complains about the absence of debugging symbols. Restore it, and the message goes away. So I’m presuming it’s finding it ok, just not using it.

Tearing hair out here, so any help gratefully accepted……

Windows 7, running Vs2015sp3

VTune amplifier XE 2017 update 3

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(Edit original post seems to be broken)

This is odd. I now find that the difference between symbol recognition and not, is whether I start Vtune as an administrator or not.. Very consistent, going back and forth: running under administrator causes the symbols to be ignored.