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Visual Studio 2015 Problems


After installing Parallel Studio XE 2017, I am getting the following problematic behavior from Visual Studio 2015:

1) On startup, there is a long pause and then I get an error message:

A problem occurred when loading the Microsoft Visual Studio menu.  To fix this problem, run 'devenv.exe /resetsettings' from the command prompt.  Note: this command resets your environment settings.

This happens every time I launch now -- I have to reconfigure my toolbars etc., which is a real problem.

2) Once I do restart with the /resetsettings option, often trying to load a VS project results in an error message about an invalid parameter.  A second attempt to load the project file usually works.

Is there a way to fix problem #1?  This is a productivity killer.  #2, not so much.


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