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Windows: Graphics - Hotspots - Frame Rate (Fails)


I'm unable to successfully generate any Frame Data to analyze Frame Rate. Frame Rate is never available. with a Hotspots Analysis. 

Our application RenderLoop has been instrumented with the _itt_frame_begin_v3() and __itt_frame_end_v3() functions as explained in the documentation

Your documentation states the following related to the Windows: Graphics-Hotspots user interface;.

Frame Rate. Explore how the frame rate is changing over time. To understand the cause of the bottleneck, identify sections with the Slow or Fast frame types and analyze the GPU Usage.

To identify a hotspot function containing the critical frame from the Timeline view, select the range with the Slow or Fast frame rate. VTune Amplifier highlights the selected frame in the Bottom-up grid.


I've double checked all available information and I'm reasonably sure that I've set this up as your documentation describes. I've included some system information. Let me know of any other information that you might need.

Product Version Update 4 (build 470476) Copyright © 2009-2016 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Collection and Platform Info

    Application Command Line:    
    Operating System:    Microsoft Windows 10
    Computer Name:
    Result Size:    89 MB 
    Collection start time:    15:54:08 05/07/2016 UTC
    Collection stop time:    15:54:20 05/07/2016 UTC

Thanks, Michael Braley


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Hello Michael,

Do you run the Basic or Advanced Hotspots Analysis?

In Attach to Process or Launch Application mode?

Are there userapicollector-* traces in the result/data.0 folder?

Regards, Katya

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