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Workaround and Additional Information for the XE Upgrade Problem when using Intel Registration Center (IRC)


There is a problem when upgrading a number of serial numbers to XE products where non-upgraded serial numbers disappear from the Intel Registration Center (IRC) list. As soon as you upgrade a serial number to the corresponding XE product, the other non-upgraded serial number(s) will disappear from the My Serial Numbers page in IRC. When you attempt to get a list of those serial numbers from the IRC, only those that have been upgraded are listed.


At any time, you can get a complete list of your Serial Numbers including those that have been upgraded and those that have not been upgraded using the Export to CVS function at the end of My Intel Software Development Products page. To get a complete list of their serial numbers, you need to:

1. Go to

2. Click the Registered users login> button.

3. Enter Intel login id and password.

4. A listing of registered Intel Software products will appear (My Intel Software Development Products page).

5. Click the Export to CSV button at the end of the page. A Download CSV file here message will be displayed.

6. Click here (text in blue) to obtain the File Download dialog box.

7. Save the CSV file. The CSV file tells you what Serial Numbers you have. Using the contents of this file which include upgraded and non-upgraded serial numbers, you will be able to know which of your serial numbers have been upgraded.

Note: You will need to follow the above steps for each serial number that you want to upgrade. When all serial numbers have been upgraded, you will no longer see the Product Upgrade page and will be taken directly to the file download page.

More info?

We apologize for the inconvenience and are investigating alternatives to this workaround.

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