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remote target ssh access


Good day.

I'am new user of Vtunes. My main question is Why Vtunes hasn't it's own ssh client? Do I write understand that I should use Putty as ssh-client, not other application? What should I do if my ssh client is SecureCRT? Where could I read about mechanism of coworking with Vtunes and Putty? Now I has such problem: I have ssh connection with Putty with ssh-key with passphrase. When I type username@host_name, Vtunes answer: "Cannot communicate with target, Please check password-less authentication request". But when I type wrong_username@host_name, Vtunes answer "Server refused our key". Does problem in ssh-key passphrase?

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Hi Dmitriy,

What is VTune release version you're using? 

Presuming your host is Windows and target is Linux, please be aware that effective "2019 Update 5" release VTune doesn't depend on Putty and establishes automated SSH connection according to instructions here:

We recommend upgrading to the recently released VTune Profiler 2020 version, now available at Intel Registration Center and including above as well as other usability improvements.

Please let us know if it unblocked you.


Regards, Katya

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