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vTune Memory Consumption analysis for Linux Embedded Target


Dear vTune Community,

We are new to use vTune for a platform performance analysis. Appreciate your help ASAP!

Our goal - to measure and track memory consumption (RAM, no disk) on an embedded Linux target (a reference design platform with dual application CPUs: Atom and ARM. Both CPU run an independent Linux system, while share the same physical DDR (RAM)).

A few initial basic questions:

1. vTune Amplifier (Win or Linux host OS) can gather and analyze data collection from the same target but from 2 independent execution environments?

2. Does it support the target ARM Linux sub-target in addition to the primary Atom-Linux sub-system?

3. Anybody has experience for such a memory consumption measures on Embedded Linux (kernel v4.9) communication systems? 

Thanks in advance,


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