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AI for Workforce Initiatives Continue to Add Value: 15 Schools Receive $40,000 Grants

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By Brian Gonzalez, Executive Director of Government Partnerships and Initiatives, Intel & Daniel Walsh, Head of State and Local Public Policy, Dell Technologies

America’s tech workforce is in critical need of skilled, qualified workers. This is especially true for artificial intelligence (AI), which permeates industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to business. In our globally competitive economy, developing an AI workforce in the United States is critical, and Intel and Dell Technologies are committed to educational initiatives that help grow that workforce by preparing individuals for jobs in the digital economy. 

Over the last several months, Intel and Dell have collaborated with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) to support growing the AI talent pool. Today, the three organizations announced they’ve awarded 15 grants of $40,000 each to community colleges across the country as part of Intel’s AI for Workforce program.

The winning schools include:

  • Austin Community College, Texas
  • BridgeValley CTC, West Virginia
  • Broward College, Florida
  • Edmonds College, Washington
  • Grand Rapids Community College, Michigan
  • Houston Community College/Houston Community College Foundation, Texas
  • Howard Community College, Maryland
  • Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Mississippi
  • Ocean County College, New Jersey
  • Rockland Community College, New York
  • Southeast Community College, Nebraska
  • Stark State College, Ohio
  • Tulsa Community College, Oklahoma
  • Umpqua Community College, Oregon
  • Wayne Community College, North Carolina

The grants will enable the winning schools to build AI labs that will provide students with more access to AI tools and resources to meet the computing needs of the AI for Workforce program course load. All schools that applied for a grant, even those that did not receive funding, will be part of AACC’s AI Incubator Network, an innovative 18-month initiative to design and build AI labs across the country by utilizing the expertise and industry connections of America’s community college system.

The grant announcement is the latest of several AI educational initiatives. The first, launched in the Fall of 2020, was Intel’s AI for Workforce program, a hands-on program that makes AI technology accessible to novice learners at community and technical colleges. The program allows students to develop traditional skills such as data collection, AI model training, coding and exploring the societal impact of AI technology. The program was first offered at Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) and includes instructor training and an AI curriculum from Intel, creating the first Intel-designed AI associate degree program in the United States.

As part of the AI for Workforce program, in December 2021, Intel and Dell joined AACC to boost AI education across community and technical colleges in all 50 states by 2023. Earlier this year, Intel and Dell strengthened the partnership with AACC by launching the AI Incubator Network, an 18-month initiative to design and build AI labs across the country by utilizing the expertise and industry connections of America’s community college system. Currently there are 70 schools across 32 states participating in the AI Incubator Network. Participants in the network had the opportunity to apply for one of 15 12-month grants of $40,000 to build their AI labs.

Today’s announcement further solidifies our commitment to boosting U.S. competitiveness through AI education. The AI for Workforce program reinforces our goal of preparing and training the AI workforce of the future for the jobs of today and tomorrow. We look forward to continuing to provide resources where they’re needed and searching for new opportunities to grow U.S. innovation.

Learn more about AI for Workforce here.

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Fantastic, inspirational & goodness for the students, the schools, the USA, Dell & Intel.

Thank you Brian! Great article!