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Corporate Purpose: Building a More Diverse, Equitable Future

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By Jeff Rittener, Chief Government Affairs Officer and General Manager of Intel’s Governments, Markets and Trade group (GMT)

Jeff_Rittener.jpg Jeff Rittener, IntelOver the last few months our society has faced an unprecedented global health crisis and a reckoning on race and equality that has illuminated the role each of us must play in creating a better, more racially just future.

As each of us is grappling with these issues individually, corporations like Intel are also examining their own actions and responsibilities. Yesterday, our CEO Bob Swan joined The Washington Post’s Francis Stead Sellers during a Washington Post Live event for an important conversation about corporate purpose and the specific steps Intel is taking to create the future we want to see, including our 2030 Corporate Responsibility Goals and our announcement of the first Intel-designed associates degree in partnership with Maricopa County Community Colleges in Arizona to deliver AI and technology training to a broader and more diverse group of students.

In his conversation with Sellers, Swan acknowledged that he thought we’d made much more progress to root out racism in this country than we have. This is the type of honesty and humility needed from corporate leaders today, and I’m proud as ever to be a part of Intel.

We also need to acknowledge a public policy environment that has not only stalled progress on racial equity, but has, in many circumstances, perpetuated and exacerbated inequality. Intel is committed to working with government leaders to reimagine the existing public policy environment and advocating for policies that help dismantle a system that has allowed racism, inequity and justice to thrive. Only then will we be able to realize our vision to enrich the lives of every person on Earth.

Check out more from Bob Swan’s conversation with the Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com/washington-post-live-Corporate-Purpose-Social-Responsibility