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Happy Data Privacy Day

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Today, January 28, Intel is celebrating Data Privacy Day, an annual international event to raise awareness and generate discussion about information privacy.  Over the past few years, privacy professionals, government officials, and academics from around the world have participated in events designed to stress the importance of information privacy in our daily lives.  Data Privacy Day also is an opportunity to promote consumer education and awareness about privacy challenges when using mobile devices, social networking sites and other online services.


Intel has taken an active role in promoting policies that would protect privacy and promote innovation.  For instance, we have signaled our support for U.S. federal privacy legislation in testimony and in conjunction with fellow tech companies.  We also promote consumer awareness and empowerment when it comes to protecting privacy and making sure that computers are kept secure from malware and viruses.  


We encourage you to use January 28 as an opportunity to reflect on the government policies that can encourage the protection of privacy and on steps that you can take to protect your own privacy and computer security.