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Intel, eBay and Microsoft Signal Support for Movement on U.S. Privacy Legislation

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davidhoffmanBy David Hoffman, Intel's director of security policy and global privacy officer

Intel deeply cares about protecting privacy. We see computing moving in a direction where an individual’s applications and data will move as that person moves through his or her day. The person will wake to having data on a certain device in his or her home, will transition to a car that has access to those applications and data, will have access at work, and then will access the data and applications after work either at home or while socializing. Intel is well on its way to innovating these future technologies. However, all of this innovation requires a policy environment in which individuals feel confident that their privacy interests are protected.

Today, Intel, along with eBay and Microsoft, is sending a letter to Chairman Rush and Ranking Member Whitfield of the House Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection Subcommittee (Energy and Commerce Committee) expressing our support for Chairman’s Rush’s privacy bill, the [BEST PRACTICES Act of 2010. As we state in the letter, we have long supported the passage of comprehensive U.S. privacy legislation. We specifically support the BEST PRACTICES Act’s technology neutral and flexible framework and inclusion of a robust self-regulatory choice program. The letter also states how we look forward to working to refine various provisions in the bill, such as removing the private right of action. Today’s letter follows up on the support we expressed earlier this summer when Intel testifiedin front of the House on the legislation .

Read the full text of the letter here: HR 5770 Support Letter.pdf

We look forward to continuing to push for U.S. privacy legislation, and we welcome your thoughts on the issue.