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The Need To Be Connected and Protected

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By: David Hoffman, Intel's Director of Security Policy and Global Privacy Officer

Today was an important moment for privacy.  President Obama visited the US Federal Trade Commission to speak about the need for privacy and security legislation to allow individuals to trust their use of technology.   Intel’s mission is to utilize the power of Moore’s Law to bring smart, connected devices to every person on Earth.  Intel also recognizes that to realize this mission, individuals must be confident that they can trust the security of their devices and that their data is used responsibly.  As the President made clear, “If we're going to be connected, then we have to be protected.”   Intel commends the White House for embarking on this effort, and in emphasizing that protecting privacy and encouraging innovation is not a zero-sum game.

The innovative use of data will be critical to help solve large social problems.   Data has the potential to foster economic progress, improve education, reduce environmental impact and transform healthcare. Creating the right policy environment to allow for that data use is an important aim.

Intel has long called for comprehensive consumer privacy legislation in the United States.   We also support passage of a federal security breach notification law to provide a consistent standard nationally.  I recently posted to this blog advocating for reform of FERPA to better protect students.  The President’s speech provides welcome leadership on these issues.  Intel looks forward to working with the White House and Congress on these proposals to make certain we protect individuals and promote innovation.  Privacy AND Progress.