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Washington Post Live - The Path Forward: Digital Innovation with Intel

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From the importance of semiconductor production to the economy, to the bipartisan support of chip manufacturing legislation, to Intel’s recent partnership with 18 community colleges to train the workforce of the future - Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger discussed it all with Washington Post policy reporter Cat Zakrzewski last week. In a Washington Post Live interview, Pat weighed in on some pressing issues in a post-COVID world.


On how Intel will catch up on demand: Timestamp 1:50
With the pandemic heightened, Pat discusses how COVID accelerated the supply chain shortage and how Intel is leaning into production to help customers modernize.

On the importance of being a resilient and globally balanced supply chain: Timestamp 5:40
Pat sheds light on how the world has become too focused on the cost of supply chain as opposed to resilience of supply chain.

On the Senate’s support of chip manufacturing legislation: Timestamp 8:05
Pat outlines the bipartisan support of chip manufacturing legislation and the need to move quickly for the bill to become law.

On Intel’s recent AI for Workforce program: Timestamp 15:51
Pat highlights why AI is the foundation to the workforce of the future and how Intel is partnering with 18 schools across 11 states.

On his personal journey and growth: Timestamp 27:40
Pat dives into the odyssey of his time with Intel, from the first 30 years to his 11-year vacation and back as the CEO of the company.

Watch a replay of the Washington Post Live interview here.