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An Intel Engineer Shares Why She Loves Her Work

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“The world today is at a juncture where data is more relevant than ever before, and telecom is moving towards 5G, which is a convergence of wireless, computing, and cloud. I am so proud to lead and empower some of these exciting product line executions within Intel.” 

Sumedha Limaye, senior director of engineering, manages Networking and Xeon Server Solutions (NXS) development at Intel India. After 20 years in the industry, she joined the Intel family about 6 years ago.

“I have always wanted to lead a team working on impactful technologies that power the world and touch people’s lives in their day-to-day activities. There is nothing better than being able to drive the execution for Intel® Xeon® SoCs and 5G Network Infrastructure ASICs. These products will give an edge to Intel’s market leadership, help expand Intel’s share in the overall TAM, and drive performance parameters to the next level “.

For Sumedha, it’s both fun and exciting to live – and work – in an era which represents a quantum leap in human and technological possibilities. “We have moved from voice centric communications to IP centric – gaining access to mobile data, information, and rich content at an ever-increasing rates of data speeds. The products that we work on help bridge data channels in the entire spectrum of this smart, data driven world.”

Today, Intel captures 80% of the industry’s data centre market. Sumedha’s team is helping bring in performance improvements for Intel Xeon products generation over generation, reduce total cost of ownership, introduce AI workload acceleration, and bring in great scalability. They are also working on 5G designs to help address diverse services like enhanced mobile broadband, Internet of Things, smart machines, homes, and cities, and ultra-reliable low latency communications like medical, automotive, and industrial.

“Our team has seen and overcome various challenges from driving business and customer requirements to architecture and implementation decisions. We have done 5 base tape in and 4 stepping in the last year, and this year we have opportunities ahead of us to execute and release products that will help Intel establish its USP in the market. While we have expanded our team and continue to add more people, we have had to face many challenges – and we have overcome them with our One Intel mindset. We have tried optimizing the process and execution cycles – both in engineering and in what we felt was best for the product and Intel at large. We have also been driving certain core methodology and tools/flow initiatives at the SEG level. We are now even getting into the post-silicon world and driving activities through initial production to parts delivery,” says Sumedha.

So what does Sumedha love most about her work at Intel? “We are experiencing a world where data generation and data consumption is happening at an unprecedented rate. Working on products that enable this and moving that data across the network makes my work at Intel so fulfilling.”

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