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Building a More Diverse & Inclusive Intel: Iolanda Klein

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Iolanda Klein


Packaging Research and Development Engineer

“My Warmline case manager was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was provided with a lot of resources from day one. They kept in frequent contact to touch base and make sure that my case was progressing.”

Iolanda grew up in Brazil and came to the United States to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Her first job at Intel, where she worked on low yield analysis in the yield department, was aligned to her skills and passions. Iolanda was immersed in the role, driving the workload, mentoring technicians and working with customers.

Iolanda loved her job but was increasingly interested in moving into R&D. She had heard about the Warmline from a friend who was using the service and reached out to see if the service could help her identify other opportunities within the company. Within a few hours of getting in touch, Iolanda was contacted by a Warmline case manager. She shared her situation and the case manager made several recommendations to help with the search for a new role in R&D outside her current organization. Iolanda found it extremely helpful to have someone offering immediate guidance and support; she started working with the resources provided by her case manager right away and managed to land several job interviews. Within only three weeks of contacting the Warmline, Iolanda had landed a job offer as a research and development engineer at Intel and was on track to pursuing a new career.

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