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Graphics at Intel

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Intel’s Visual Computing Group (VCG) is an exciting place to work. It feels like a startup environment within Intel. Games night, Battle of the Bands, and Cubicle Golf keeps the atmosphere fun as our engineers work feverishly on the first products based on the Larrabee architecture.

The graphics halo the team is targeting has some tough requirements. You can see some of this as the validation team tests the latest games. They point out visual details that you have to be shown several times before you can see them. It’s easy to be envious as the team plays games all day, but it is hard work looking for these tiny details. The team is dedicated to making the first Larrabee products great for playing games. If the smiling faces exiting the validation lab are any indication, the team is on the right track.

There’s some major competition within the team to see who can build the best gaming PC in the lab. It’s a race to see how fast and how accurately graphics can be rendered, so they want the most powerful machines they can build. Some of these systems are overclocked to get even faster speeds. There are some very large PC towers going into the lab so you know they are having fun.

There is currently a lot of emphasis on graphics at Intel. They have some great graphics information on the Visual Adrenaline site. The recent collaboration with Dreamworks on Monsters vs. Aliens using the True 3D technology is just a beginning. This is a great time to be a graphics software or hardware engineer at Intel!

If you’re interested in graphics at Intel,our VCG is still growing in Oregon, Texas, and California. They are also interviewing for a location in Massachusetts. We are looking for graphics driver developers with DirectX or OpenGL experience and engineers with other graphics software development skills.

We’ll be at the Siggraph Job Fair in New Orleans, LA, Aug. 4-6. It should be a great time in this beautiful city. We hope to see you there!

In the meantime, I encourage you to explore Life at Intel, meet some of our people and discover what it’s like to work here from the people who do.
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