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Growing for Good: A Tribute to No Shave November

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Combing Intel for the Best Facial Hair That Will Make You Never Want to Shave Again

November 30th. For most of us the end of November signals that Thanksgiving is behind us and the Christmas season is in full effect. For others, it concludes our voyage to facial hair fame to help raise awareness of men’s health issues and cancer research.

Started in 2003, Movember and No Shave November have grown into a 30-day global phenomenon---raising over $1.2 billion and signing up over 5.6 million advocates to put down their razors to take a stand to raise awareness for men’s health.

At Intel, we’re doing our small part to contribute in this admirable cause. We’re not going to split hairs on who is crowned the ultimate winner. Instead, we’re saluting all the beautiful beards, magnificent mustaches, and glorious goatees.


Name & Position: Raj Suri, Employer Brand Strategist, HR Marketing and Communication


Location: Chandler, AZ

Beard or Mustache HeroAaron Feld, The strength and conditioning coach at the University of Oregon

Person I’m Supporting? My buddy Chris Ballard who is currently afflicted with a blood cancer.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost-Shavings? I’m going to retire with my $21 via the Powerball tickets I’m going to buy.


Name & Position: Ronan Carr, NPG Graduate Software EngineerIMG_20181126_200345.jpg

Location: Shannon, Ireland

Beard or Mustache HeroHulk Hogan.

Person I’m Supporting? All the men we’ve needlessly lost prematurely to suicide.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost-Shavings? I’m going to invest it in somehow getting a proper beard, no seriously it will be donated to Movember.

Name & Position: CJ Dragen, Human Resource Manager


Location: Hillsboro, OR

Beard or Mustache HeroDan Haggerty AKA Grizzly Adams

Person I’m Supporting? I lost my Uncle Darryl to Bladder and Bone Cancer this year – doing it in his honor

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost-Shavings? I haven’t shaved in 20 years, so that’s nearly $5K! I hope I spent it well.

Name & Position: Luke Kintigh, Content Marketing Strategist


Location: Hillsboro, OR

Beard or Mustache HeroJoe Thornton, NHL hockey Player. I’m 97% sure there’s a bird’s nest in there.

Person I’m Supporting? My 90-year Grandpa who has beat prostate cancer twice in the last 15 years.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost-Shavings? On some flowers for my wife as she hates my beard.

Name & Position: Kevin Mandich, Digital Resource Center Content Manager


Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

Beard or Mustache Hero: My son-in-law, Doug. That guy can grow a full, beautiful beard in no time flat!

Person I’m Supporting: Too many people. My father-in-law, the wives of three close friends, and my best friend’s dad, to name a precious few.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost Shavings: I’m pretty sure my quilting-addict wife will just buy that much more fabric!

Name & Position: Jamshed Wadia, Digital Marketing and Media for Asia Pacific and Japan


Location: Singapore

Beard or Mustache Hero: Ranveer Singh who is among the highest-paid BollyWood actors and has been featured in Forbes India's Top 100 Celebrities.

Person I’m Supporting: My close friend Evelyn Leong who I miss deeply, she lost her battle to Cancer in 2013.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost Shavings: Offset some of the cost of a new beard trimmer maybe?

Name & Position: Marko Kovacevic, DPDK Software Engineer


Location: Shannon, Ireland

Beard or Mustache Hero: Robert Downey Jr – In Iron Man.

Person I’m Supporting: Friends and family affected by cancer.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost Shavings: I’ll keep it as a memorial as this is the first year I was involved in Movember.

Name & Position: Chad Weitman, Content/Web Developer in HR MarComm


Location: Hillsboro, OR

Beard or Mustache Hero: Wolverine! At the end of the month I’m going to shave my beard like that (but probably only for a few minutes)

Person I’m Supporting:  Not necessarily one person, but family and friends I know who struggle with different mental health issues.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost Shavings: On another great cause: Help support the Children’s Cancer Association.

Name & Position: Tamour Khan, UX Manager, Intel.com


Location: San Francisco, CA

Beard or Mustache Hero: James Harden, Houston Rockets All Star

Person I’m Supporting:  My buddy Matt.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost Shavings: One word. Tacos!

Name & Position: Andrew Scott, Brand Marketing Manager


Location: Hillsboro, OR

Beard or Mustache Hero: Retired David Letterman.

Person I’m Supporting:  My buddy, Chad Garvens.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost Shavings: Dollar store stocking stuffers.

Name & Position: Corey Carrillo, Data Sharing Manager


Location: Chandler, AZ

Beard or Mustache Hero: David Beckham: for consistently experimenting with his facial hair and always looking great. Leading the edge of men’s fashion.

Person I’m Supporting: My father, Peter Paul Carrillo, who sadly lost his battle with pancreatic cancer this year.

*How You’re Spending Your $21 in Cost Shavings: Taking my kids out for Sunny SnoBalls, a local shaved ice-ice cream combo favorite.

*Men’s Health estimates men who shave once a/day spend an average of $21 a/month on shaving materials, water consumption and razors
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