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How Hazlina Ramly Empowers Others—and Pushes Herself—Leading the Women @ Intel Network, Malaysia

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Landscape-Photo-1-scaled.jpgHazlina Ramly has wanted to stand up for women since she was young. Growing up as the only girl among her siblings, Hazlina had to be vocal and learn how to stand up for herself. But it also gave her a sense of purpose. “In many ways, I felt alone while growing up. Being the only girl, I was often sidelined by my brothers. This instilled within me a drive to find opportunities to help other women, to give them a voice.”

This determination to uplift others made her a natural fit to lead the Women at Intel Network (WIN), Malaysia chapter, alongside her role as Senior Manager for Global Applications Engineering team in Customer Experience Group at Intel Malaysia.

With responsibilities at work and at home as a mum to four kids, Hazlina has her plate full. Or at least that’s what one might think. But with conviction and seemingly boundless enthusiasm, she consistently goes above and beyond. In addition to her work and home life, to date, she has also participated on an industrial advisory panel for a university, facilitated government-led programs for women to help reduce workplace bias, and volunteered to support a suicide helpline.

Hazlina will soon be embarking on a new chapter with Intel in the U.S. as chief of staff for the vice-president of the Customer Experience Group. Recently, we spoke with Hazlina regarding her career journey, work with WIN, and why she thrives best outside of her comfort zone.
Creating a sense of belonging

When Hazlina stepped up to lead WIN, she was unsure whether she would get the support needed to drive valuable programs for the community. She soon got her answer at the first off-site meeting for the steering committee when every single member showed up. “I’ll always remember that because it made me realize there are so many women out there who want to help other women. It became my fuel—knowing I wasn’t alone.”

For Hazlina, diversity is all about creating a sense of belonging. And therein lies the importance of building community: having a safe space where you can be yourself, where you are seen, and where you are valued.

“My main purpose in WIN is to get the female community to excel and make sure that no one gets left behind. We enable and empower every individual to reach their best. Everyone has different goals and definitions of success, so it is about inspiring them to make their own decisions that will help them get where they want to be.”
The importance of risk-taking and finding the right place

 Moving your family across the world is undoubtedly a big step, but big leaps have always defined Hazlina’s journey—and she is relishing this new adventure.

“What I’m afraid of the most is being in the green zone, which is being comfortable. The fear of losing my job was never really on my mind when I chose to move to a new field because I know my core values and work ethic will carry me through any challenge. What matters is finding where I can continue to learn and add value.”

When asked for a piece of advice to those embarking on their career, she had this to say: “If you’re just starting out, I believe the best thing you can do for yourself is to pick the right environment. To me, that’s actually more important than choosing the right job. With the right culture and people around you, you’ll be empowered and have the tools you need to progress in your career. Clarity regarding your next steps will come as you go along.”

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