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How Intel Early-in-Career Professionals are Changing Tech

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For Intel Cloud Solutions Engineer Maggie Jauregui Franco, having lofty career ambitions is nothing new.

“I’ve always wanted to do something that changes the world,” said Maggie. “At Intel, I feel appreciated, and I’ve gained more confidence in myself. It makes me feel like I’m capable of doing great things.”

Maggie has always been interested in how technology and innovation impact our world, and she was excited to join Intel in her hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico. Her team focuses on increasing the amount of memory businesses can use to access data, which she knows has direct implications for everyday life. “It’s a really cool product because data and storage is a huge focus for our customers,” said Maggie. “To continue finding ways to improve the power behind data storage has been my most memorable project so far.”

Her efforts are being built into one of Intel’s latest technologies, persistent memory. As the world of data continues to exponentially increase, Intel’s customers will now have a way to gain faster insight and make quicker business decisions—all because of the work Maggie and her team are doing.

Improving safety through software
When you think of Intel, vehicles don’t immediately come to mind. But for Junjie Mao, Software Engineer at Intel China, cars are all he thinks about.

Fresh from his PhD, Junjie joined a team focused on functional safety in open source IOT software for the automotive industry. “It’s really important to make sure the software being used is safe–even when it malfunctions–so it isn’t harming anyone,” he said.

Achieving a certificate of functional safety in this industry is challenging, as it is both costly and time consuming. But Junjie and his team didn’t give up. They made sure the software was developed to the highest quality standards and ultimately received certification that the software was capable of being used in critical use cases, like in vehicles. 

“It was a big accomplishment and one that is being recognized across the organization,” Junjie shared. 

From Asia to the Americas, early-in-career professionals at sites around the world are creating sustainable impact for Intel’s customers. They’ve found a place where they can learn, grow, and contribute to projects that will change the way the world works. 

Are you ready to create with purpose? Learn more about careers at Intel at jobs.intel.com.