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How To Get International Exposure Early In Your Intel Career

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A year into his Intel career, Surya Prekke was sent on rotation to Israel to ramp up a program he helped create as part of the software design team at Intel India. After 10 other trips to Israel, a six-month stint in Russia, and close to a dozen trips to the United States during the early part of his career, Surya saw a lot of what Intel had to offer.

“I used to be a pinch hitter who would be called upon a few months before product delivery to really get out that last push,” Surya said. “I did a lot of travel and a lot of rotations to various Intel sites. I worked on eight or nine programs in about four years.”

He also had the chance to visit Intel’s research and development facility in the United States. “That’s a dream come true for every employee or every engineer in this industry.”

Those opportunities led to a massive amount of career growth and professional contribution in a short span of time, helping Surya become the first principal engineer with Intel in India who started as a college graduate.

Collaboration around the world
While every role may not include a rotation to another part of the world, most Intel team members work across time zones and cultures every day.

“When I worked in Folsom, California, it was incredibly multicultural,” said Wendy Fernandez, an analog engineer based in the United States. “I had the chance to meet people from, Lebanon, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, the Philippines, and throughout different parts of Asia. I’m from the Dominican Republic and I also have a lot of coworkers from different places in Africa. Intel is a highly multicultural company.”

Working with global teams at Intel
We asked some of our early-in-career professionals about their experience working with colleagues around the world, and here is what they had to say:

When have you had the opportunity to work with team members in other countries?
“We have weekly meetings with colleagues in China to discuss global topics for the company. We share issues and improvements for our sites and apply learning from all our experiences. It’s a great opportunity to hear from other colleagues.”
– Thi Thien Lam Huynh, Facilities Process Engineer, Vietnam

“While we’re just a few people here in Mexico, there’s also a lot of people from India and the United States on my team, and I’ve really liked that collaboration.”
– Maggie Juaregui Franco, Cloud Solutions Engineer, Mexico

“We have regular meetings and interactions with employees from all over the world—in Japan, India, Indonesia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States. I joined Intel because of the collaborative culture and how everyone works toward a common goal, regardless of where they are located.”
– Junjie Mao, Software Engineer, China

What have you gained by working with team members from around the world?
“I’m constantly working with people from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and Latin America. I learned a lot from their celebrations and how their families continue to keep their cultures alive.”
– Klarizsa Khandaker, Sales and Marketing Group Rotation Technical, United States

“It’s awesome to have access to so many different people from different countries to learn not only the technology, but also their culture and way of thinking.”
– Anna Alberska, AI Development Software Engineer, Poland  

Why did you choose to start your career with Intel?
“Working internationally was one of the biggest selling points to me about Intel. I led a project which was an amazing experience because I got to interact with teams in a very unique way. I got to brag to my friends that I was working with people in Xiang Du, Penang, Ireland, and Costa Rica. I really look forward to traveling to those places in my career.”
– David Rollins, Product Development Engineer, United States


Regardless of your interests, you can find a collaborative and global career at Intel from the very start–just like our amazing employees above. 


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