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Intel Israel - Summer Fun with a Cool Prize!

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Summertime in Israel is known for many things – amongst them is its heat and humidity! Between having fun in the sun, we all tend to choose between two leading options: jumping into a cold pool or staying as close as possible to an air-conditioner, wherever it may be! During the academic year, we visit different university and college campuses, attend events, host lectures and visits and basically keep in touch with students, after all—you guys are our future! So how do we stay in touch with you, even during a great summer break?

This year we brainstormed and thought that we’d really like to best combine business (well not exactly business, let’s call them challenges) with pleasure. Introducing, “Intel Ropes and Ladders”, a cool online board game where trivia and luck could win you a new Asus N53 Core i7 Laptop to start next year off with a bang! The game launched today and you have two weeks to play! (Contest ends on September 5, 2011)

So how can you play?

  • First, go to http://summergame.inteljobs.co.il/ and complete the registration. (The contest is only open to Israel as the game is in Hebrew.)

  • To move: your robot will automatically move according to the number on the dice.

  • If you land on top of a rope, you will be dropped to the square on which the rope ends.

  • If you land at the base of a ladder, you will climb to the square on which the ladder ends.

  • To win: reach the 100 square with the highest score and in the quickest time!

Try it yourself and let us know what you think! A fun summer to you all!