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Intel Vietnam College Graduates Series: Meet Giang Nguyen, Process Equipment Engineer

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GiangNguyen.jpgIn this series we’re featuring a few recent college graduates who found a new home at Intel Vietnam

As a young girl, Hoang Giang Nguyen was determined to break the stereotype that engineering careers were only suited for men. Recently, we spoke with Hoang Giang about her unforgettable career journey. Our conversation is excerpted below.
Where did you graduate from?

I studied electronics and communications engineering at Danang University of Science and Technology and graduated in May 2020. In late 2019, I attended an Intel hiring event at my school and was offered the position of process equipment engineer to start my career at Intel after graduation. I was impressed at that event because the hiring manager flew all the way from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang to give opportunities to students at my school.
Why did you become an engineer?

In high school, I liked the science subjects. Sometimes, such basic knowledge could be used to solve complicated problems that help make the world better, and that excited me. STEM fields would bring new things for me to explore every day. Furthermore, I think, engineers are paid to do the things (innovations) that they love!

I understand the difficulties for girls to study STEM majors in general—and engineering in particular. There is still some remaining prejudice or stereotype that an engineering career is for men because it’s hard and requires hard labor, and women who study engineering are nerdy and stiff. However, I think the only barrier is our mindset, and believe that there is no job that is gender-specific .Whatever career it is, we need to be determined, confident, work hard, challenge ourselves, and improve day by day and success will follow.
You said that your journey to join Intel was “unforgettable”. Please share more with us.

It was indeed! In 2020, my hometown (Da Nang) was under social distancing twice, which delayed my graduation ceremony and affected my initial joining date at Intel. With the Covid-19 situation getting better, my school presented us with our bachelor’s degree certificates early. I decided to skip the graduation ceremony and boarded the next available flight to Ho Chi Minh City, thinking to avoid another social distancing period if the situation got worse.

Looking back, I really appreciated all the devoted support from the Talent Acquisition Team who helped me complete the offer and on-boarding procedures, which required extra declaration during such unusual times, as well as the care from my managers and team.
What has your experience at Intel been like?

I am impressed by Intel’s health care and safety rules that protect me every day. I have opportunities to learn every day, participate in valuable courses, and experience sharing sessions.

I feel deeply the “One Intel - We are stronger together” spirit, working side-by-side with other Intel people.

Moreover, Intel encourages employees to explore more, take challenges, push beyond our limits, and raise the bar. I have enjoyed each day at Intel!

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