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It all starts with data: Meet four engineers helping build the new data-driven world

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And learn how you can make an impact everyday by bringing data-centric solutions to life

From streaming videos anywhere and everywhere to driverless cars and better healthcare management, it’s clear that the future is data. Mountains of it—a dizzying volume requiring ever faster and more efficient compute power, analysis, storage, and security.

As such, Intel is transitioning from PC company to a data company. This is opening the door to careers that involved moving, storing, and computing data. These careers involve work which unlocks the potential of all that data and enables solutions that are powering the cloud, connecting billions of smart devices around the world, and helping society solve critical problems.

Building the backbone of a smart and connected world, your work impacts millions. But what is it really like to do so?

We’ve profiled four engineers to provide a glimpse into the types of careers available at Intel with our new focus on data. Watch the videos below and learn about designing solutions that matter – to you and to everyone on the planet.

Her superpower is supercomputing

Systems Engineer Arlyne Simon manages the development of supercomputers used in everything from aerospace to biomedical engineering. She says the only thing better than having interesting, challenging work is having a great team to do the work with. Hit play to learn about developing systems you—and your team—can be passionate about.

Doing what’s never been done

Known as the “Mad Scientist,” Brett Klehn innovates at the cutting-edge of data center transformation. His work in silicon photonics focuses on replacing outdated Ethernet with fiber optics in the data center. Watch below to learn how, as a product development engineer, your role is doing what’s never been done before.

Direct impact: 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and more

Helen Gould has guided emerging technologies for over 20 years. As an advanced solutions strategist, she plots the future of the data center with an eye toward tackling some of the world’s toughest challenges, from climate change to curing cancer to space exploration and beyond. Hit play to learn more about developing the data-centric technologies and solutions of tomorrow.

A problem solver with a start-up spirit

Why laser design engineering? For Jonathan Doylend, it was a desire to have a hand in creating safer, smarter, more sustainable, and connected technologies and solutions. How does he do it? By designing the lasers that go into the data centers powering the world. Watch to learn about his journey at the forefront of innovation.

Push possible forward

Data-centric technologists power the cloud, connect billions of intelligent devices around the world, and create new ways for society to experience … well, everything. Their work is shaping the future for us all. Together, we are working to push possible forward.

Want to explore an unparalleled range of opportunities in our data centric world? Connect with us here: https://jobs.intel.com/page/show/dcg-us
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