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Malaysian Intel Employees Turn Daily Commute into Lifetime Experience - My Best Life

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Picture1-RecoveredLast summer, a group of Intel employees in Penang, Malaysia created the Intel Bike2Work Group Ride to make their morning commute into an incredible shared experience. Lead by Intel Platform Application Engineering Manager Oh Haw Kuang, the group gathers before sunrise once every month, and sets out together to navigate the crowded streets of Penang, using carefully plotted routes designed to make for a pleasant and safe commute that is both good for health and the environment. The 15 kilometer path takes the group along the scenic Coastal Highway, allowing them to share in gorgeous views and breathtaking sunrises on their way into the office for the day.

Sunrise Cropped“I always have this satisfaction when riding by the cars which are stuck in bumper-to-bumper jams.  I also enjoy the breathtaking view of sunrise and just can’t help to remind myself that Penang is indeed a paradise.” Comments Haw, summing up the fun and beauty of the experience.

group1 croppedAny Intel employee working in Penang is welcome to join the Bike2Work monthly group ride as a safe way to ease into more regular bicycle commuting. Some of the members have even used the routes and lessons learned in the group ride to begin commuting in this way on an everyday basis. Members have offered these tips to anyone looking to join in on the ride:

“We always try to ride in a single file, especially when we are on busy roads.  Always remember: safety in numbers” --Oh Haw Kuang – Platform Application Engineering Manager, IOTG

“Make sure your bike is in full working order, including good lights (for riding in the early morning), etc.  In your free time, try out the route.  Ride the full length of the planned route to see if you can handle it.  If possible, try it during the time you had planned to commute because traffic conditions change depending on the time.” – KC Loong, Network Design Analyst, Global Logistics Operations

“Just come try it! It’s a great way to make new friends and it’s fun.  Safety is always our first priority. We take care of one another during the ride. Just remember to bring your sense of humor and sunblock.” – Jenny Lau Chao Min – Supply Demand Analyst, New Business Materials Planning

Groups like Bike2Work showcase how Intel employees are connecting with each other outside the boundaries of the office, while also demonstrating the ingenuity we have for turning what some might see as wasted time into an amazing experience. What kind of groups would you organize to make your work day more exciting?
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