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New to Intel, This Senior Physical Design Engineer Says He’s Been Given the Key to Endless Possibilities

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Tuan-Nguyen-Photo-scaled.jpgEarlier this year, Nguyen Minh Tuan joined Intel as a System on Chip (SoC)-CPU Senior Physical Design Engineer, bringing with him 14 years of experience, an aspiration to nurture the next generation of Vietnamese engineers, and a goal of enhancing gender diversity in the field. We recently spoke with him about his career journey and his passion for making a difference.
Tell us what brought you to Intel?

I am absolutely delighted and humbled to join Intel and to be part of the talented community in the Design Engineering Group. After over a decade of bringing to life many applicable application-specific integrated circuit SoC chips design, I hit the moment where I pondered what’s next in my technological and leadership adventure. Intel has always been on my mind, and I seized the opportunity to join upon discovering that the company hires local-based talents in design. Now, look where I am. I am proud to say #IamIntel and excited to utilize all my past experiences to lead physical design projects here and continue to level-up CPU design architecture. Being at Intel feels like I have been given the key to unlock the door to the future of unlimited possibilities. Doing what I love every day and pursuing the One Intel goal together with great colleagues globally is simply wonderful.
What are your thoughts on the future of SoC design?

One word: excited. Thinking of the journey ahead really excited me. The chip we design is at the core of many smart devices we use in our daily lives today. A few years from now when we enter the “Angstrom era” with the implementation of high numerical aperture extreme ultraviolet lithography technology in wafer-die fabrication, we can enable many high-performance devices to enrich everyone’s life. We have a plan, what we need is great talent like you and me to join forces to turn it into reality.
Tell us more about your passion for nurturing others?

I can be where I am today because of the many great mentors and teams I had the chance to work with in the past. I found that my main motivator is to pay it forward, nurturing the next generation—especially female engineers to enhance diversity in our community. I trust that Vietnam has a pool of bright talents in tech and by being a mentor for students in the Career Mentoring program here at Intel, I can encourage them to keep pursuing their career aspirations.
What advice would you give to those growing their careers in SoC design?

  1. Mistakes happen despite your best intentions, Be truthful about it.

  2. In chaos, a calm and peaceful mind can handle any crisis.

  3. Grab the opportunity that comes up your way. Because competence is necessary to gain trust from others and seizing the right opportunity will allow you to develop those abilities.

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